How To Remove Bad Credit

The Secret on How To Remove Bad Credit

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Want to know the secret to removing bad credit history?

The secret is, there is no secret!  There are hundreds of videos and thousands more websites all explaining why credit repair works.  The law protects you from unverified credit reporting by the credit bureaus.  And the credit bureaus DO NOT VERIFY what they report.  They merely accept third party hearsay.  In other words your creditors just tell them what to report, the credit bureaus never actually see any original documentation.

If there is a secret to removing bad credit from your credit report it is in the HOW.  Most consumer, trying credit repair on their own, flat fail when it comes to fixing bad credit mainly because they give up too soon.  The truth is, removing bad credit takes a good deal of time and a great deal of persistence.

Just because a negative credit item is not removed in the first or second letter does not mean it won’t be removed in the 8th or 9th letter.  Are you willing to show that much patience?  That is the secret of how to remove bad credit.

Don’t have the time? Don’t have the patience?  Consider hiring a credit specialist to help your remove bad credit and improve your credit scores.  A good quality, experienced credit repair company can be worth their weight in gold, because poor credit costs you considerably more then good credit!