Having been in the mortgage business for nearly 20 years and leaving it in 2008 during the financial meltdown, showed me the huge and growing importance of credit education.  I entered the credit repair industry shortly after and have not looked back.  The credit bureaus are basically operating above the law with little concern over what they report or the financial damage they are doing.  It has been only recently that the FTC, state attorney generals and the courts are getting involved and forcing change.

There is a huge amount of information and “misinformation” about fixing bad credit.  My goal is to educate consumers about credit law, the right way to removing negative credit and how to rebuild a credit profile, effectively using the very laws that protect them.

Our companies Safe Haven Credit (teaching credit education and credit repair) and 911 Credit Relief (How to start your own credit repair business) were designed to assist consumers and to help train others to assist consumers.  Right now there is a huge need for credit specialists and there are very few qualified credit experts available.

If you find the topics of Credit Education & Credit Repair interesting, check back from time to time, send me a note or comment on an article.


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