How To Stop A Credit Dispute With The Credit Bureaus

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I received a call this morning from a loan officer in Florida.  She said that her clients had been working with a credit repair company with good results and now qualified for a mortgage but their credit report showed several accounts being disputed.

Lenders will no longer fund loans where there are disputes on a credit report.  The reason is that, by law, when an account is in dispute it cannot be used in calculating a credit score.  The results show an inaccurate score until the dispute has been resolved.

Here is how to stop the dispute.  Contact the credit bureaus directly by phone.  Each bureau is set up to handle this directly and immediately.  Simply explain that you are no longer disputing this account and would like your credit report to reflect that.

It may take a day or two before it actually shows up.  You can also contact the creditor directly and explain the same thing, account no longer in dispute.  They will then report to the bureaus usually within 24 hours.

My experience says do both to insure that it gets done.

Mike Day


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